10 Simple Tips to Clean Up Dog Hair

With about 471 million pet dogs worldwide, dogs are known to be “man’s best friend.” However, they have some issues that may raise a man’s concern. One of these problems is the continual hair loss they experience, which may be quite difficult to clean up.

The dog’s shed hair can cause hygienic problems and allergies. It is vital to understand how to manage it to minimize the risks. These quick recommendations are provided here to assist you  in cleaning your pet’s fur.

1. Brush your dog regularly

Frequent dog hair brushing is one of the steps you can take to control your dog’s shedding. In addition to getting rid of loose hair, it also avoids matting and tangling, both of which can be irritating for your dog. 

The kind and length of your dog’s coat will determine how frequently you should brush it. Dogs with longer hair, for instance, can require daily brushing, but those with shorter hair would only require brushing once or twice per week. To avoid causing skin or hair damage to your dog, use a brush made for the type of coat that they have.

2. Use a high-quality vacuum

An excellent vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter may significantly improve how you manage dog hair in your house. Pet hair and dander, which can lead to allergies and other health issues, are examples of the microscopic particles that HEPA filters are made to capture. To make it simpler to clean various surfaces, look for a vacuum cleaner with a strong motor and a choice of attachments, such as an upholstery brush or crevice tool.

3. Use lint rollers

Dog hair may be swiftly and easily removed from clothing and furnishings by using lint rollers. They are affordable and available in the majority of supermarket stores. Keep a few lint rollers in convenient spots throughout your house, like by the front door or on the coffee table.

4. Use rubber gloves

Another method for removing dog hair from surfaces is a pair of rubber gloves.

Rub the hairy area with the glove worn on your hands.

It will be simple to gather and discard the hair since it will attach to the gloves. For furniture or other difficult-to-reach spots, this is an excellent solution.

5. Wash Your Dog’s Bedding

Washing your dog’s bedding frequently is vital since it may easily accumulate dog hair and other dirt. To get rid of any hair or dander that could be embedded in the cloth, use hot water and a light detergent. Pick bedding that can be machine-washed and is simple to maintain, if at all possible.

6. Use air purifiers

Air purifiers are very useful for cleaning up dog hair.

It makes the air cleaner by assisting in the removal of dog hair and allergies.

To collect pet dander and hair, look for a purifier with a HEPA filter. You can place it in a central room for the best result.

7. Use wet mops

Hard surfaces like tile or hardwood may be effectively cleaned of dog hair by wet mopping. Simply dampen the mop and sweep any dirt and loose hair from the floor. For high-traffic areas like the kitchen or foyer, this is a terrific choice.

8. Use fabric softener sheets

Dog hair may be quickly and easily removed from clothing and furnishings using fabric softener sheets. Hair will stick to a sheet if you just rub it over the area where it is present. For eliminating hair from clothing or upholstery, this is a fantastic alternative.

9. Use a squeegee

To get rid of dog hair from carpets and furniture, use a squeegee. The hair will gather in the squeegee’s grooves if you just run the squeegee over the hairy surface. Since it can be challenging to remove hair from carpets with a vacuum alone, this is a fantastic alternative.

10. Consider a professional cleaning service

If removing dog hair is eating up too much of your time, you might want to think about hiring a cleaning service. You can maintain a clean and dog-hair-free house with the aid of a professional cleaning service. With their expertise and the equipment needed, they can perform a thorough cleaning of your home and remove all traces of dog hair and other impurities.

Also, this option is good in the case where you or any member of your household has a health issue or is allergic to conditions occasioned by pet dander. 

Overall, you can manage and remove dog hair from your home easily with these strategies. You may minimize the quantity of hair and dander in your house by using these cleaning methods, which can enhance the air quality and your general health. It’s vital to remember that shedding is a normal process for dogs and cannot be entirely stopped. It’s common for puppies to shed their fur as they grow and their adult coat begins to come in. 

Any dog breed, even the smaller teacup breeds like the FouFou puppies, the Poodle, and the Chihuahua, can shed as well.

However, some breeds may shed more than others. So, even after using these tips, don’t be too upset if you discover some hair in your home.


You may do other things to reduce your dog’s shedding in addition to the items suggested in this article. For instance, a nutritious diet, consistent exercise, and appropriate grooming practices can all help minimize shedding in dogs. 

If it becomes obvious that your dog sheds beyond what is normal, there may be an underlying health issue that needs more serious attention, so see your vet.

In conclusion, while controlling dog hair might be difficult, it is not insurmountable. You can keep your house tidy and clear of unwanted dog hair by implementing these suggestions and practicing healthy dog grooming habits. Take the effort to remove dog hair, and you and your pet may live happily and healthily in your house.

May 11, 2023

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