French Bulldog Grooming 101

French bulldogs are famous for their funny appearance, upward-pointing ears, and wrinkled faces. They are among the most adorable and well-behaved dog breeds. Their extraordinary alertness makes them perfect watchdogs. You will find a variety of colors in French bulldogs, and the most popular among them is black or brindle. The Frenchies can be lovable companions if you are willing to have a pet. However, you must know that French bulldogs require frequent grooming and maintenance like any other dog breed. First-time dog owners looking for valuable French bulldog grooming tips will find this article very helpful.


How often do French bulldogs need to be groomed? It is an important question for first-time dog owners. French bulldogs have smooth and shiny hair. Frenchies don’t shed very much, but occasional brushing of your Frenchie will help in new hair growth. The experts recommend brushing your Frenchie’s fur at least once a week to remove dead hair, improve skin oil circulation, and keep it in good shape.

If your Frenchie is shedding its hair, brushing twice a week is necessary. Regular brushing will keep it’s coat smooth and healthy. When you brush your Frenchie’s short fur regularly, it will stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. The dirt and dead skin cells are also removed much more easily through brushing. Regular brushing will encourage social interaction in your Frenchie. To avoid hair breakage, you have to use a tangle-free rubber bristles brush for your French bulldog.


Bathing your Frenchie once a week will keep him clean. Ensure that you use a shampoo recommended by your vet to deal with skin allergies in French bulldogs. Giving a bath to your French bulldog is not an easy task. As you already know, French bulldogs have wrinkles and skin folds, so be careful to remove the moisture from the skin folds. The trapped moisture between the skin folds will result in skin infections.

If your Frenchie is going through a skin allergy, don’t worry because this breed is prone to skin issues. While giving a bath to your French bulldog, first of all, soak its coat and skin. Then use the shampoo to massage their fur. Thoroughly rinse your Frenchie’s skin and fur to avoid skin irritation after the bath. Completely dry your Frenchie and make sure that no moisture is left. French bulldogs are prone to skin infections, especially in the humid climate. So, the use of cornstarch or talcum powder is recommended, so that skin folds remain dry.

Nail trimming:

Trimming the nails of your Frenchie will make its grooming complete. You have to trim your French bulldog’s nails very carefully without causing pain. If you own a French bulldog puppy, trimming the nails from puppyhood on will help.

Ear cleaning:

French bulldogs have wide upward-pointing ears that need to be checked regularly. Cleaning your Frenchie’s ears once in a while is essential. You can use a damp washcloth to clean the ears gently. Look for any ear issues such as itchiness, yellow discharge, or an ear infection to treat it timely.

Teeth cleaning:

The dental hygiene of your French bulldog is also a part of its grooming. The vets recommend brushing your Frenchie’s teeth at least 3 times a week to avoid plaque and tartar build up. For good oral hygiene, you can use dental sticks for your puppy to chew on.

Can French bulldogs get haircuts?

Dog owners often ask if they give a haircut to their Frenchie and answer a big no. Hair trimming of your Frenchie is unnecessary, but grooming is still important. The haircut is considered unhealthy for dogs. Besides protecting the skin, French bulldog’s hair keeps its body temperature well-maintained. To avoid the scratches causing wounds, avoid giving a haircut to your Frenchie.

Final thought:

French bulldogs are easy-going and well-tempered dogs. Keeping your dog well maintained is necessary for its good health. You must follow the grooming routine when your Frenchie is in its puppyhood. Make your Frenchie enjoy its grooming routine through positive association. Regular brushing of the fur will keep it healthy and strong. Never compromise on grooming and maintaining your French bulldog when a puppy; otherwise, you will face grooming problems in adulthood.

January 29, 2022

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