How To Feed My French Bulldog?

The French Bulldog can be subject to digestive difficulties and therefore, must have a high quality diet.

The average weight of a properly developed French Bulldog is between 8 and 14 kilograms or 22 to 31 pounds as an adult. Your Frenchies food varies with age and puppies should eat a diet rich in vitamins with kibbles like Royal Canin which are very controlled with the proper nutritions.

Each bulldog may have a specific diet according to his needs and his health (obese, thin, allergic dog …). You should always consult your veterinarian to make the best choice for your Frenchie companion.

In general, it is recommended to give lamb kibbles for your bulldog: it is the most digestive and competent meat.

The frequency of meals varies with age from 4 times a day for puppies to twice a day for adult French Bulldogs.

Avoid, especially for a puppy, household foods which would be too difficult to control the quality of the nutritional contributions necessary for the proper development of your puppy.

Also beware of food from supermarkets, much cheaper, but too high in salt. They will not meet the nutritional needs of your French Bulldog.

Finally, avoid pattées because they bring a lot of tartar to which small dogs are more sensitive.

A good meal is one which maintains the animal’s healthy weight through good digestion without excessive fat intake and which promotes the beauty of the coat and skin thanks to the essential fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins of group B. Ideally, you want your Frenchie’s meal to contain about 12% fat, 25% protein, 1.1% calcium, 5-7% dietary fiber, and 0.8-0.9% phosphorus.

Do not forget the essential water requirements which are 60 ml / kg / day; consuming beyond 100 ml / kg / day, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian in order to check if the dog does not suffer from diabetes or renal insufficiency.

You should not change your French Bulldogs diet often as this can lead to digestive problems like diarrhea for your puppy.

If you still want to change from dry food to raw food or vice versa, do it by transition. For a week gradually mix his new food with the old one until complete transition.

Weigh your puppy well regularly (once a week) to monitor his weight and control the amount he eats. This is normally listed on the quality kibble packets. In case of abnormality (too thin or too fat) take your puppy to the vet.

If you have an adult bulldog, be careful, watch the little one who should not eat from the big dog’s bowl.

We often think, wrongly, that the dog gets tired of these kibbles and comes begged at the table for this reason, but this is not the case. He does not have the same needs as us and it is not advisable to give in to him.

A piece of fruit or cheese every now and then is not dangerous and can pass, however avoid sugar, chocolate, milk, sharp chicken bones and foods from other animals such as cats.

Your dog should not eat at the same time as you, but ideally 1 hour before or after so that he understands who is the leader, even if he is barking or jumping all over the place, you have to be in control. should not attend his meal to avoid behavioral disturbances. If despite this he only eats in your presence, ignore it, he will eat if he is hungry, otherwise stroke him when you give him his food and while he is eating to encourage him to eat alone then withdraw calmly.

Before having his bowl, the dog must be calm and docile, if this is not the case, he must be made to wait in front of it while remaining calm.

Where to feed my French Bulldog?

Always in the same quiet and isolated place in the house so that he does not feel spied on.

When to feed my French Bulldog?

Always at the same time and 1 hour before or after your own meal, so that he does not eat at the same time as you, but when you have decided.

How to feed my French Bulldog?

The meal should last about 15 minutes.

A puppy should not eat from an adult dog’s bowl for reasons of authority and nutrition.

How often to feed my French Bulldog?

  • 1 to 3 months 4 times a day
  • From 4 to 7 months 3 times a day
  • From 8 months twice a day
  • Once an adult your dog must know how to manage and normally eats more than in the evening.

The amount will vary depending on your dog’s weight and is usually listed on quality kibble packets. So checked the weight of it very regularly.

The prohibitions: avoid sugar and instead give it a piece of fruit, cheese or a dog treat. It is essential to avoid pastries high in sugar and, even more so, chocolate, which is toxic in high doses, milk (often poorly digested), chicken or rabbit bones or cat food.

For a full guide on all restricted foods for Frenchies check out What Foods Are Prohibited For My French Bulldog

June 14, 2021

Sade Amor

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