How to Train a French Bulldog?

When you get a puppy home, you indeed have to be responsible for taking proper care of it, treating it right, and giving it your utmost affection. But, an equally important part of bringing a dog home is training it. Now, amongst all sorts of breeds and different techniques of training them, in this post, we will specifically talk about ‘How to train a French Bulldog?’

Let’s face it: With every different breed, there’s a slight change in the training technique, some trick that makes training a certain breed more efficient. The same concept applies to French Bulldogs who can be easy to moderately difficult to train depending on the individual personality profile of the dog. However, one thing that makes training these dogs tough is their stubbornness since they have a persistence streak.

So how do you train them? Below is all about it.

How to train a French Bulldog?

Here are 3 easy ways to train your French Bulldog:

Start with Potty Training:

Why should you start with potty training first? French Bulldogs are one of the dog breeds that are VERY tidy and tend to make it a point to stay clean at all times. This makes potty training multiple times easier. Although individual dogs will have variations in terms of behavior, Frenchies are just clean in general, and if you find a stubborn Frenchie, just be patient and you’ll get there in time!

Socialize your dog:

When it comes to socialization, let’s just say French Bulldogs are not a big fan of meeting new people or pets and blending in with the energy. 

What you can do is take your dog out on a walk, let him meet a new person; once he is comfortable enough around the person, praise him with a treat. If your dog seems fearful and anxious around a person, wait till he relaxes, and goes to the person himself. Ask the person not to touch the dog until the dog himself initiates contact and once he does, reward him with a treat.

Teach them not to chew:

One common trait in all intelligent dog species is that they get bored very easily. Now, we all know that theeasiest resort to finding some ‘thrill’ for a dog is chewing – a highly destructive dog problem.

Provide your French Bulldog with plenty of chewing and teething toys as puppies. Do not scold them when they chew something off, instead deploy positive punishments that reinforce good behavior in the dog and make sure that the dog understands what they did wrong.


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