The Most Popular Dogs Breeds for 2022


If you are a dog lover who keeps his eye on every bit of dog news, you are at the very right place. Here you will find everything about dogs. American Kennel Club has just released the top dog breeds of 2021. Just for giving you the spoiler, Labrador Retriever holds first place among the most popular dog breeds following the tradition of 30+ years. And, the runner up in this competition is our French Bulldog, who remained in the number two position. Enough of the spoilers; let us discuss how these wonderful breeds won people’s hearts.

Labrador Retriever

yellow Labrador retriever puppy

Labrador Retriever is the love of most pet lovers. And, there is no doubt that this dog has been the most popular breed for the past 31 years. Labrador Retriever has been the first choice of pet lovers because this breed is extremely intelligent, loving, and full of energy. If you have a Labrador at your home, your life can be anything but boring. Labrador Retriever is a very enthusiastic dog breed and loves to accept training challenges. Therefore, they are very intelligent and mostly kept for watch/guard purposes. You can’t keep your eyes away from Labrador because sooner or later, they will make you fall in love with them.

French Bulldog

brown and white short coated small dog on black wooden floor

The Frenchie has won people’s hearts in recent years and remains in the number two position. They have clawed their way up to one of the top breeds, but it’s probably a fantasy to think it will outnumber the Labrador. However, the French bulldog is the most popular small breed by a large margin. When Labradors took over it’s reign in 1991, Frenchies were in 82nd place and hit No. 4 in 2017. French Bulldogs first cracked the top 10 in 2014 ranking no.9 and reached the no. 2 position in 2020. French bulldogs are comparatively low maintenance, and they require low to moderate physical activity, which is very suitable for the urban living environment. They are capable of catching the love and affection of pet lovers. Though the French bulldogs have some health concerns, they are adorable and expensive. You should consider the health concerns before buying French bulldogs.

German Shepherd Dog

black and tan german shepherd

German shepherd dogs have gained popularity as loyal dogs throughout the world. They have lost their ranking two points since 2019, but they still have a special place in the hearts of pet lovers. German shepherd dogs are known as working dog breeds. They have quite a sense of working ethics; they are intelligent and brave. German shepherd dogs are excellent family pets; they need plenty of mental and physical stimulation to remain healthy. German shepherd dogs are prized as working dog breeds because they were originally bred for guarding purposes. They can be trained to do any kind of work, and they are excellent guard dogs.

Golden Retriever

golden retriever with black collar

The golden retriever has always been ranked one of the most popular dog breeds, and there is a reason for their popularity. Golden retrievers are extremely affectionate and loyal dogs. They are focused on the happiness of their owner. They have a happy-go-lucky face that always seeks the owner’s attention and love.

Additionally, they also have strong work ethics, are very intelligent, and are focused on working. They are very affectionate and loyal; therefore, they make perfect family pets. I personally adore golden retrievers because of the love bond they create with their owner. You will not see a golden retriever making sad faces, and that is the quality I adore in them.


white and brown short coated dog

Bulldogs bear a unique look among the small dog breeds. They have a slow-slung body of their kind, and they need a moderate amount of exercise. Moderate physical and mental stimulation is necessary for their health and wellbeing. Bulldogs bear a stoic look, and surely, they have one. But they are always in the chance to be in your lap. They are affectionate, and they want to spend as much time in your lap as possible. Bulldogs need your care and attention. They have a short muzzle which means they can overheat in summers. You should not let bulldogs swim alone in the summers because they are not good swimmers.


curly long-coated brown dog at the fence

Poodles have a reputation for delicate city dogs, but you will be amazed to see their training and athletic skills. They have a unique hairy look. You have an option of three different sizes if you want to have a poodle. You can find a poodle in standard, miniature, and toy sizes. Poodle is also bred with other dog breeds, resulting in various mix-breeds: Goldendoodle, labradoodle, cockapoo, etc. They represent smart, sleek, and adventurous personalities. If you want an active, adventurous companion, you don’t need to go further. Poodle can be your excellent companion.


white and brown Beagle

Beagle is originally bred to hunt in packs. They have a unique streak you can observe whenever a beagle catches a smell. Beagle can cross fences and burrow underneath to follow the scent. They are extremely loyal and cheerful pets, and they don’t lose any chance to please their owners. They make a friendly family dog thanks to their happy and cheerful nature. They are excellent hunters. They were bred to catch small animals like rabbits, though they are no more kept for hunting purposes.


Rottweilers are known to be work and guard dogs. They have a long history of pulling carts and driving cattle. Rottweilers are the first dogs used as police dogs and for military purposes. At the same time, they are very good with children and make excellent family pets. They are not friendly with strangers, but they don’t hold back from their loved ones.

German Shorthaired Pointer

They are an amazing training partner, and they also make excellent family pets. German shorthaired pointer is a very active and intelligent dog breed as they tend to give their everything to complete the assigned task. Despite their exercise requirements, they are low-maintenance pets.


brown dachshund puppy on white floor

They have an interesting low-slung body that is bred for hunting and tunneling animals to their borrows. They have a variable size and coat; you will see a dachshund in two different sizes and three different body coats. They are independent, vigilant, friendly, intelligent, and incredibly endearing.

Final thoughts

There are almost 200 recognized dog breeds, and pet lovers have a special compartment for each of them. Life is not a popularity competition, but it is interesting to know which dog breeds catch the heart of most people. Up until now, Labradors have had a special place among most pet lovers. However, with the raise in popularity for French Bulldogs we may see a new number one breed in the near future!

January 21, 2022

Sade Amor

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