The World’s First French Bulldog Social Media App

Frenchie FAQ App

The Frenchie FAQ app is available on Android and iPhone. You can create a profile and upload photos of your Frenchies. Additionally, you can add other French Bulldog breeders and owners as friends and communicate with them in the marketplace, groups, or by sending them a direct message. Buyers searching for a new French Bulldog puppy can also find responsible breeders in the app’s marketplace or connect with other users in groups via direct messaging. 

However, it’s more than a social media app, as it provides resources to novice and experienced owners and breeders. Learn about DNA by using the World’s First French Bulldog Interactive DNA periodic table. Also, we boast as the best-in-class breeding coat color calculator. The breeding color calculator allows you to input DNA from both dam and sire. Once input the calculator will filter through over 1 million probabilities to give you the percentage of likely colors for your upcoming litter. Additionally, the app has a raw and dry food calculator to make sure you are providing your Frenchie with the best nutritional diet.

Frenchie Faq app banner. The World's First French Bulldog social media app
Frenchie FAQ app. The World’s 1st French Bulldog social media app!
October 15, 2022

Sade Amor

Sade Amor is the Marketing Director of Frenchie FAQ. She is a huge dog lover and owner of a French Bulldog herself. Sade has many years of writing experience and first hand experience raising & training French Bulldogs!

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