French Bulldog Studs

If you are looking for an ethical French Bulldog breeder for stud services then you are at the right place. We proud ourselves in having top quality pedigree studs that are not only beautiful but healthy. If you have any questions please read below and if we have not answered any of your concern then please contact us using the form below!

Please Review our Policy & Stud Contract

Our policies are set in place to not only protect our dogs but yours as well

1. Lockins Take Priority-

               The date in which you leave the deposit, sign the contract and sign the agreements set you in priority. If someone finishes their lock-in process before you…they will be given priority over you in the event that their dog is ready at the same time. So we recommend locking in early. 

2. Lockins “lock” the Pricing-

                When you lock in our studs for their introductory pricing or special pricing- you are guaranteeing that price. If the price goes up- your price will still be honored.

3. Let us know Day 1

                  Let us know Day 1 when your dog goes in heat…not first day of progesterone- day 1 of blood. This allows us to add you to our calendar and help track the heat.

4. Let us know EVERY progesterone number- regardless how low

                EVERYTIME you do progesterone- shoot us a message and give us that progesterone number (please contact us via text, instagram or email. By providing with us these numbers it will allow us help answer any progesterone questions you have.

5. When to Pull Progesterone

               We recommend (and require) progesterone be pulled between Day 5-7…if you wait to pull progesterone later than this you risk missing the heat or missing the LH surge/ovulation. Let us know the number and we can give you our recommendation on when to pull again. The earlier and more frequent the better.

6. Dont Assume Ovulation              

               NEVER assume ovulation happens at 5…we are more concerned with the rises or “surge” than we are on the number. If your dog is rising 1 point a day and reaches a 5 then just keeps rising 1 point…that wasnt ovulation. Ovulation is more about the jump in numbers vs the singular number. 

7. Give us numbers by 12:00 PM Arizona Time

               We need to know progesterone numbers as early as possible. This allows us to plan for the unexpected. We cannot guarantee same day shipments if numbers are given after this time. Lets make this process as stress-free as possible.

8. We don’t use a vet for collections

               Veterinary Hospitals are where typically sick animals are. This exposes our Frenchies unnecessarily to anything that may be at the vet hospital, we only utilize the vet for c-sections, puppy checks and shots, and of course sick animals. We are happy to send you video of the collection under the microscope so you can see the concentration and quality.

9. Progesterone 

               We REQUIRE that you pull progesterone on your female- we will not do breedings or ship semen based on days in heat or how your female is acting. We will only send semen based on progesterone. 

10. Clinic Breedings ONLY 

               For those that choose to come to Arizona and have us do the breedings we have purchased an off site clinic location that we use ONLY for breedings. We also sanitize between breedings. We will collect our stud in our collection room, we are happy to video chat with you during this process so you can see that its fresh and then we will bring it directly to you at the clinic and do the AI free of charge for you.

               We understand that you may want to see the stud- we are happy to bring them to the clinic for you to see in person after they have cooled off and calmed down. We do have again a no contact policy- so the stud can be viewed from the vehicle but will not be out. 

               We understand that this may not be industry standard (yet) but this is our policy to keep not only our dogs but also yours healthy and safe.

               We will show you and look under the microscope of every semen collection BEFORE we put it in your female. We will let you see the semen quality before the AI is started. We have all the tools to do the AI- if you would like to do the AI yourself please let us know are we are happy to supply you with the equipment necessary. 

               All of our AI equipment (pipettes, lube, syringes) are brand new, in packaging and unused- this minimizes the risk of pyometra and introducing bacteria into your female. 

11. In Person Breeding Hours 

               We are flexible on our hours  as we understand you are coming from a long ways for these breedings…but please understand we have a family. We would like to keep the hours between 10am-6pm when possible. Please communicate with us- we can be flexible and make hours work but please try to stay between these hours when possible. We spend our time on the AIs- please plan to be there at least 30 minutes for the process to be completed. 

12. Shipping 

               We have an EXCELLENT success rate with shipped semen! This shipment will arrive with a 3 day extender. However, we offer a 10 day extender, price listed below. Although, we will do next day shipping with our courier, we can not guarantee next day as we have no control over logistics.

Shipping Cost:

Standard: $400 Next Day  (3 day extender, US Only, with no guarantee) 

Extended: $500 Next Day (10 day extender, US Only , with no guarantee)

If your female dog has undergone progesterone testing, and despite that, she fails to conceive during her most fertile days, we offer a free re-breeding during her next season. However, if shipping of semen is required, the Buyer will bear the shipping cost. Please note that if progesterone testing has not been done, we cannot guarantee the litter’s success, and in such cases, the stud fee and any shipping fees will not be refunded. A litter is considered successful if at least two healthy puppies are born. If the litter has less than two healthy puppies, we will provide a free repeat breeding, and you only have to pay the shipping cost.

Based on our experience, it’s best not to subject a female dog to more than three cesarean sections in her lifetime as doing so could put both the mother and her puppies at risk. Additionally, we advise against inseminating a female dog younger than 18 months old as it may not result in a successful pregnancy.

  • We offer next day shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

Shipping Cost:

Standard: $400 Next Day  (3 day extender, US Only, with no guarantee) 

Extended: $500 Next Day (10 day extender, US Only , with no guarantee)

We have all our contracts done through Adobe Sign…so when you are ready please send us your email and we will get this right over to you. 

Sample Stud Dog Contract

stud dog contract

**Stud Locks/Payments can be made via Zelle: or

To begin with, the female French Bulldog must receive artificial insemination with the semen of a robust and healthy stud. Due to the Frenchie mother’s narrow hips and the pups’ large heads, natural delivery is typically not possible, and a C-section is necessary. The puppies typically arrive between the 58th and 63rd day after insemination, requiring continuous monitoring of the mother from the 58th day onwards. As it’s difficult to determine the exact time of delivery, it’s essential to have a dependable and readily available veterinarian.

Fly Guy

Color: Lilac & Tan Visual Fluffy carrying Testable Chocolate and Cream

DNA: At/a d/d co/co B/b E/e kn/kn l1/l4 I/i

Available: $250 Lock-in and $3,500 total

Pedigree: Direct Son of Boss