Breeding French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are the most valued breed globally, and it is not easy to get your hands on them. They are an investment, but owning them is bliss. Every French Bulldog owner is in awe of their cuteness and their affectionate behavior. Bulldogs are a small breed with erect bat-like ears that shows they are attentive all the time. Most people also keep them as a watchdog as their listening sense is very sharp. Their body is smooth with not much hair, but they have a muscular physique. Breeding French Bulldogs is not an easy task and can require some experience.

French Bulldogs are bright and cheerful; hence, people want to breed them. They make a cute addition to the family even if you are single, a couple with no kids, or a big family. They have friendly and loving personalities that make you always appreciate their cuteness. If you seriously want to breed them, you need to be very alert and attentive. There are many French Bulldog breeding problems that you can face during the process. Hence, it is essential to learn about natural breeding, artificial insemination, etc. If you are clueless about how you can breed a French Bulldog, we are here to let you in on some of the procedures. 

What age can French Bulldogs breed?

The small French Bulldog puppies are known as Frenchies, and they are the most adorable dog types. To breed French Bulldogs, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind, and the crucial one is age. Many people have a different point of view when it comes to age. The average life of a French Bulldog is between 10 to 14 years. There are specific rules you have to keep in mind when breeding them.

The French Bulldog breeding age is 2 to 8 years. Most puppy Frenchies have their first heat around 6 months, but it is not recommend to breed in their first heat. You cannot breed them if they are too young, and after eight years, it is not healthy to breed. Excessive breeding can cause harm to the dog’s life; hence, it is recommended to give at least a 1 to 1.5 years gap between each breed. However, some breeders may choice to breed more often. The gap between breeding is essential to let your French Bulldog recover and heal from the C-section. One litter every one to two years is more than enough to keep your breeder healthy. It is essential to let your female dog breed only three times in their lifetime.

How to breed French Bulldogs?

There are two ways to breed a French Bulldog, and each of the methods works well. The first method is to mate the male and female French Bulldogs organically. Artificial semination is the process that most certified breeders use to produce healthy Frenchies. Let’s jump right into the process and see how you can breed healthy little puppies.

French Bulldog mating

The simple, safe yet effective process to breed French Bulldogs is to make them mate. The procedure is not as simple as it may sound. You have to consider French Bulldog breeding problems before you can jump into the procedure. Here are a few steps to French Bulldog mating:

1.     Find perfectly healthy candidates

If you have a bitch or a stud, you need first to run a few tests. Ask for the dog’s complete history before you proceed with the procedure. It is essential to have a detailed look at the personality traits, temperature, color, etc. A person must ensure that both bitch and stud are not closely related. It is better to run a few tests to determine the medical history for diseases such as Brucellosis to avoid future problems.

2.     Monitoring ovulation

Like humans, French bulldogs and other animals also have an ovulation cycle. You have to track the French Bulldog breeding cycle to make sure mating is successful. There are a few ways through which you can track your female Bulldog’s ovulation. If your female dog has started spotting and showing signs of irritation, it indicates that their cycle has begun. Five days after spotting, the French Bulldogs ovulate, and it is the best time for mating. If you are new to the process, you can take your female Bulldog to the vet to confirm before placing it with a male dog.

3.     Supervise the process

When the vet confirms ovulation, you have to place both male and female French Bulldogs in the same space. It is essential to give some time and be patient throughout the process. You can start by calming down the female by patting her back. It is safer to keep the leash around both male and female dogs to avoid injuries. The male stud can get aggressive during mating. Hence, the leash will allow you to pull them apart if you feel any kind of aggressive behavior. You must supervise the whole process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

4.     Aftercare

After mating, you have to ensure that the female French Bulldog does not pee at least for an hour. You can keep her in the crate to make her feel like she is safe. It is essential to let the female relax and calm down for the process to be effective. If you are accurate about the ovulation cycle, the chances of conceiving are high. Sometimes, the process can fail due to multiple reasons. Hence, artificial insemination is also an option, and people prefer it more than natural dog mating.

How to tell if your French Bulldog is in labor?

The signs of your French Bulldog being in labor are pretty obvious. You will feel your dog getting restless; they will lose their appetite, whine, and maybe vomit. You must be in close contact with your vet and tell them about the signs you are noticing. It is crucial to take your dog to the vet when they are in labor because the chances of a C-section are high. Always have a plan B for delivery, be prepared for an emergency C-section because it is a high possibility. You must let the female French Bulldog bond with the puppies.

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is another process to impregnate the female French Bulldogs and produce healthy puppies. Most people favor artificial insemination more than mating as they have large heads and small hips, which makes the overall process difficult. Hence, it is easier for people to contact a vet and schedule an artificial insemination appointment. Most people have French Bulldogs with fertility issues which makes it harder for them to conceive naturally. Hence, it proves effective, quick, and safe; the success rate is way too high. Let’s walk through the process:

1.     Order an artificial insemination kit

There are many artificial semination kits available online and offline. You need to find a good one in which you can collect good samples. The French Bulldog artificial insemination kit comes with a sample collector, a syringe, a plunger, and some gloves. The goal is to buy a good quality one that helps you accomplish the process without any hassle. The whole process becomes straightforward once you have everything you need.

2.     Track ovulation

A breeder or the pet owner must check the breeding cycle before starting the process. The goal is to inject the female French bulldog with semen four days before the ovulation process begins or when they are ovulating. You have to closely analyze your female bulldog to notice if she is bleeding a little. Once you have the evidence, you can start the process for successful outcomes.

3.     Leave male and female together

You have to leave the female and male French Bulldog together and wait for them to interact with each other. You must supervise the whole process and do not leave them unattended even for a minute as things can progress faster. Once the male bulldog is aroused, you can take the female away. Massage the dog’s sensitive area and collect semen with utmost concentration. The semen should look white and cloudy; this means the samples are healthy.

4.     Inject female with semen

You have to take the plunger and fill it up to fill the syringe all the way. Once the syringe is full, you need to inject semen into the female’s cervix. Healthy semen stays in the cervix and floats up the fallopian tube. The chances of conception are more if you inject the dog with semen right away and do not allow females to pee for at least one hour.

5.     Aftercare of male bulldog

A male dog can be vulnerable after the whole process; hence, it is essential to take care of them. You must separate the male French bulldog from the female immediately after the procedure is over. Try to stay with them and pat them to calm the dog down. Give them something nutritious to eat so that they can regain their energy. If you are not confident in injecting a female French Bulldog yourself, you must go to the vet. It is good to take precautionary measures rather than wasting the sample.

How much artificial insemination of French Bulldog costs?

The French Bulldog artificial insemination cost can vary depending upon the kit you buy. Artificial insemination, aftercare, and C-sections can cost anywhere between $1000 to $3000. French Bulldogs are not cheap to take care of or breed. Hence, you must keep this thing in mind when breeding them. Most French Bulldogs cannot give natural birth; therefore, C-section is a must. You must keep aside a few funds to cover all of these expenses. It may sound a lot, but the puppies are valuable and sold at a high price.

Why is artificial insemination beneficial?

There are a few benefits of artificial insemination, and it is better than mating. Many French bulldog owners prefer it over mating due to a few reasons. Here is why:

  • The chances of conception are more with artificial semination than mating because Bulldogs have a smaller hip region. It makes mating difficult and less successful; also, chances of conception rise by 25%.
  • The conception through artificial insemination ensures that the puppy is healthy and more prominent, which is a breeder’s desire.
  • The chances of STDs are way lower when breeders use artificial insemination and help protect both males and females.
  • The artificial insemination process is safer as both Bulldogs can get hurt during mating.

Rare and fad color Frenchies

The rare or fad color in French Bulldogs is not very common. Rare Frenchies breeds make the most money because they are not that common and available in unique colors. They have distinctive eye colors and have a thick coat of fur as well. Mostly, rare and fad Frenchies are in Lilac, Merle, Isabella, and Blue color coating. People pay $10,000+ dollars to get their hands on them. People will pay $50,000+ dollars for long hair Frenchies carrying the two copies of the L4 gene.

Rare and fad Frenchies are not allowed to produce in various parts of the world. People have to follow the guidelines properly, especially if they are certified breeders. Here are a few reasons why fad or rare color Frenchies are illegal in some countries:

  • Rare or fad Frenchies are popular, and in demand, so people do not buy the original one. People’s preference of rare Bulldogs over normal ones can cause distinction of the original breed.
  • The government wants to protect the original breed and keep them in demand for longer.
  • The regulations of the country do not want to disregard the efforts of certified breeders.


Breeding French Bulldogs is not a simple process; it demands expertise and attention. If you are not a certified breeder, you need to research and find out about their cycle and health issues for safer execution. French Bulldogs have an irregular body shape; they have a barrow hip area which can complicate the mating process. Hence, a breeder can try other methods such as artificial insemination as it is faster, safer, and effective. We suggest you stay attentive and soothe the dogs throughout the procedure.

June 18, 2021

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