Can French Bulldogs Swim?

Have you ever wondered if French bulldogs can swim? Unfortunately, French bulldogs can’t swim because they belong to the brachycephalic dog breed. Frenchie’s flat faces makes it difficult for them to breathe in water as they are required to keep their head tilted above water. Additionally, their high muscle to fat ratio is why it is really hard for them to float.

There are a lot of videos of French bulldogs swimming in water that might fascinate you with the idea of French bulldog swimming. However, never allow your French bulldog to swim, and always use a life jacket when your Frenchie is near water. When you are outdoors near water, avoid leaving your Frenchie unattended because he may drown in the pool because his body doesn’t have the ability to swim.

Why Can’t French Bulldogs Swim?

Frenchies are not good swimmers because of their flat snout and top heavy structure. Taking preventive measures is a good idea. You can use a life vest for your Frenchie whenever you bring him near water. You have to take this concern seriously because many cases have been reported of French bulldogs drowning in water because they can’t swim to save their lives. If your French bulldog is fascinated with the idea of playing with water, then it is a good idea to use a children pool or a puppy pool for your Frenchie. When going to the beach, it is advised to use a long line for your dog to keep him safe from water.

If you are still willing to bring your Frenchie near water, you can do the following things to keep your buddy safe.

Use a life jacket:

When you are taking your dog to a beach or near the pool, Frenchie needs a life jacket. While choosing a life jacket for your Frenchie, ensure that it fits properly and doesn’t cause skin irritation to your dog. In this way, these life vests will keep your Frenchie afloat in water.

Buy a puppy pool:

If your Frenchie can’t resist going near water, all you can do is buy a puppy pool. The pool must be made with non-toxic material and in size similar to your Frenchie so that going in and coming out of the pool don’t create any problem. Ensure that the pool is resistant to holes; otherwise, your Frenchie will tear it with its sharp claws. You can find some of the best puppy pools in the market that only need to be inflated, and then the pool is ready for your Frenchie.

Will French Bulldogs Drown?

Your Frenchie has a greater risk of drowning if he is near water. Even though French bulldogs are very muscular, their build makes them lack buoyancy. Their short legs also make it difficult for them to effectively move through the water. Therefore, I recommend supervising your French bulldog whenever he is around water to protect him from drowning. Once your French Bulldog goes underwater they don’t have the ability to swim back to the surface. The main reason for their inability to swim is their top heavy weight, which can be the sole reason for them drowning if they are left unattended with water.

Can I Teach My Frenchie to Swim?

French bulldogs can’t swim in the water because of a flat face, heavy body and a short leg length, making it very difficult for a Frenchie to swim in the water. You can teach your French bulldog to swim, however, it is not recommended. So you should explore other options like a life jacket that will make swimming easier and safer for your Frenchie.

Swimming French Bulldog

What Health Issues Make French Bulldogs Bad Swimmers?

French bulldogs are a brachycephalic dog breed that means they are susceptible to obstructive airway syndrome. Swimming requires a lot of energy, which, requires the maximum amount of oxygen flow. Additionally, their bodies are prone to over heating whenever they exert a lot of energy in activities like swimming. The poor heat tolerance and physical limitations make Frenchies really bad swimmers.

Final thought:

Dog owners may become disheartened from knowing that French bulldogs can’t swim. Apart from swimming, you can plan other healthy outdoor activities for your Frenchie. If your Frenchie is outdoors with your family in the summertime, supervision is very important. You can also use a puppy pool or let your Frenchie play under a sprinkler. In this way, you can protect your dog from unexpected accidents and injuries.

January 27, 2022

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